Ukrainian Navy Command Revises Lessons Learnt in Active Endeavor

Ukrainian Navy Command Revises Lessons Learnt in Active Endavour

The Ukrainian Navy Command hosted a debriefing on Ternopil corvette’s (U209) participation in NATO’s Active Endeavor anti-terrorist operation held in the Mediterranean.

Admiral Yurii Ilyin, Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, remarked that the corvette’s crew and the inspection group had successfully completed all the tasks assigned. The discussion included sharing of experience related to national ships’ participation in the international efforts aimed at tasks accomplishment in areas of the global ocean, where the Ukraine’s interests exist, as well as maritime security. In addition, Admiral underlined the necessity to enhance the personnel training on the basis of gained experience.

Ukrainian Navy Command Revises Lessons Learnt in Active Endavour1

He also mentioned that during his visit to London in November, the NATO Naval Leaders praised the skills and the professionalism of the Ukrainian Navy personnel.

“This is the result of our common job, I mean, leaders of Navy Command, Brigade of Surface Ships, Ship Commander and Ship Crew, indeed,” said Commander.

The participants of this meeting thoroughly reviewed and analyzed in detail the Mediterranean Campaign and made some proposals.

In 2007, Ternopil corvette became the first ship of the Ukrainian Fleet to have joined the Active Endeavor operation.

Press Release, December 16, 2013; Image: Ukrainian MoD