DCNS Complements Its Offering with Training & Simulators

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DCNS Complements Its Offering with Training and Simulators

Within the framework of its international development, DCNS proposes to guide its clients in the acquisition and maintenance of competencies, through the instruction and training of their crews.

Training on the coordination of Diving Safety or on the control and monitoring of a nuclear steam supply system, simulating a torpedo attack, placing trainees in critical situations, assessing their capacity to manage failures, are all actions which reduce the risks to which crews and ships are exposed at sea.

Training personnel to use and maintain the platforms

Training is based on a methodological approach and dedicated resources in order to develop specific competencies in the end users of the ships. DCNS prepares custom training modules for its clients through a network of in-house instructors and external partners. The main training programmes run alongside the programmes of ships under construction (FREMM frigates and Scorpène® submarines, for example). The objective is to prepare the future operators on the use of the platforms, whether for the crews using them in operations or for the personnel responsible for their construction, their maintenance and their future upgrades.

In addition to its training programmes, DCNS develops its own simulators. The objective: meet in a practical and pragmatic way the needs of crews in operations. DCNS supplies a tactical simulator, an exact reproduction of the control room of the Scorpène® submarine, and a diving safety simulator driven by a moving platform. DCNS also proposes solutions for crew training on ship operation (FREMM frigates, force projection and command ships, Gowind® corvettes, etc.) without immobilising the ships. In parallel, for operations, the tactical simulator is capable of reproducing the interaction of more than 100 operator stations for some twenty different ships.
Press Release, December 18, 2013; Image: DCNS


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