Russia to Escort Ships with Syrian Chemical Weapons Onboard

Russia to Escort Ships with Syrian Chemical Weapon Onboard

Ships that will be in charge of removing chemical weapons from Syria will be escorted to their designated locations by the Russian naval task force, located in the Mediterranean Sea, as reported by RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

The Russian landing ship Kaliningrad is currently on its way to the Mediterranean Sea to perform the planned rotation with a ship of her class in the task force.

The task force consists of six ships, comprising a nuclear-powered missile cruiser, frigate and four large amphibious landing ships.

The US Navy will play a key role in destruction of the weapons on board their ships by utilization of a specially built titanium tank.

Apart from Russia, the chemical disarmament operation will also include participation of Danish and Norwegian vessels.

Naval Today Staff, December 25, 2013; Image: Wikimedia


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