Russia, US, UN and Syria Discuss Removal of Chemical Weapons

Russia, US, UN and Syria Discuss Removal of Chemical Weapons

Removing chemical weapons from Syria is really a challenging task, which requires proper planning and preparations. Due to this fact, Russian, US, Syrian and UN representatives will meet today in Moscow to find the best way for safe removal of the weapons from Syria, according to BBC.

Syria has been struck by numerous military operations over the recent year within the ongoing civil war including chemical attacks, which occurred in August, when hundreds of people were killed.

In the aftermath of the attacks, several countries sent their armed forces to save civilians and provide aid to the local population.

The U.S., UK, and Russia also sent their ships to the Mediterranean Sea in case of any further chemical attacks.

Many foreign citizens were evacuated from the country, but it seems that this is the end of the chemical attacks in the region.

Russian Army vehicles have been flown to Latakia and they will transport containers with almost 650 tones of mostly the deadliest chemical weapons on board a cargo ship.

The Norwegian Navy frigate, with 150 mariners onboard, is waiting to sail across the Mediterranean Sea and dock at the Syrian Port of Latakia, from where it will resume with the escort of the cargo ship.

How will this transport take place will be known after today’s meeting in Russia.

Naval Today Staff, December 27, 2013; Image: Wikimedia