USA: Raytheon, L-3 Test New Ship Protection System

Raytheon, L-3 Test New Ship Protection System

Raytheon Company and L-3 Communications have tested a new ship protection system.


They launched Raytheon TALON laser-guided rockets from an L-3 remote weapon station using an LAU-68 launcher.

The test showed that the lightweight remote weapon system can protect small naval ships, which are ever more jeopardized, by incorporating the currently fielded launcher, sensor systems and TALON missiles.

TALON is a cooperative development program between Raytheon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and it can be used for sea, air and ground launch applications.

The ship protection system is designed to carry up to seven TALON laser-guided rockets. The system can be mounted on ships ranging in size from riverine to major surface combatants.

Naval Today Staff, January 16, 2014; Image: Raytheon