German Frigate Drops Anchor in London

German Frigate Drops Anchor in London

The German Navy frigate, FGS Schleswig-Holstein arrived in London on Friday, January 24th where it will stay until early this week.

The visit comes in anticipation of the Schleswig-Holstein’s deployment on Cougar 2014 later in the year with the Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group (RFTG).

Cougar 14 is an annual round of maritime exercises RFTG conducts in the Mediterranean and Gulf region alongside its key allied nations and their Armed Forces.

Royal Navy Regional Commander, Commodore Martin Atherton, said:

” We are particularly pleased to see FGS Schleswig-Holstein as she is expected to be an integral part of Cougar 14. Her participation in Cougar 14 reinforces how readily NATO partners can operate in a maritime environment and demonstrates partner adaptability.”

Naval Today Staff, January 27, 2014; Image: Royal Navy

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