Ex-USS Forrestal Heads for Scrap

Ex-USS Forrestal Heads for Scrapp

The first of the U.S. Navy’s supercarriers, the decommissioned USS Forrestal (AVT 59), lead ship of 56,000 ton-class aircraft carriers, is setting sail today, February 4, on its final voyage. Weather permitting, the ship will be heading for recycling at the All Star Metals facility in Brownsville, Texas.

The Navy awarded a contract to All Star Metals for the towing, dismantling and recycling of conventionally powered aircraft carriers in October, 2013. Foss Marine Towing has been subcontracted for the ship’s towage.

Under the contract, the company will be paid $0.01 for dismantling and recycling ex-USS Forrestal, which is the lowest price the Navy could possibly have paid the contractor for the work.

The Navy continues to own the ship, until the ship has been fully dismantled, when the contractor takes ownership of the scrap metal as it is produced.

Forrestal was decommissioned Sept. 11, 1993, after more than 38 years of service.

Length 300 m
Beam 39.42 m
Draught 11m
Displacement 59,650 tons standard;
81,101 tons full load
Speed 33 knots
Complement 552 officers, 4,988 enlisted
Decommissioned  11 September 1993
Status Heading for scrap

Naval Today Staff, February 4, 2014; Image: Wikimedia

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