Chinese Subs to Come within Striking Range of US

Chinese Subs to Come within Striking Range of US

The Chinese Navy is gearing up to send two Jin-class submarines, carrying nuclear missiles, to patrol through the northern Pacific Ocean, according to USNI News.


The submarines will come within range of at least two US states. Their missiles are capable to fly no less than 14,000 kilometers with ability to deliver a single or multiple warheads.

The Type 094, also known as Jin-class, submarines can carry 12-16 of the modern JL-2s, a Chinese second-generation intercontinental-range submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), capable of targeting some of the Western Hemisphere from close to the Chinese coast.

Jesse Karotkin, Office of Naval Intelligence Officer, said that the submarines from that position can strike Hawaii, Alaska and possibly western portions of CONUS from East Asian waters.

Length 133 m
Endurance 90 days
Propulsion Nuclear reactor, 1 shaft
Displacement 8.000 tons surfaced ,
11.000 tons submerged
Speed 20+ knots (23+ mph)
Complement ~100
Armanent Torpedoes: six 533 mm (21 in.) bow tubes
Missiles: 12 JL-2 SLBM,
16 JL-2 SLBM (Type 2)
Status In active service

Naval Today Staff, February 7, 2014; Image: Flickr

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