South Korea Orders Maverick Missiles from Raytheon

South Korea Orders Maverick Missiles from Raytheon

South Korea has ordered additional AGM-65G-2 Maverick missiles worth $31 million from Raytheon Company. Maverick is a versatile precision-guided missile that can engage a myriad of fixed, stationary, moving and maneuvering targets both on land and sea.

The contract was awarded via the Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration and the missiles will be supplied to the Republic of Korea Air Force.

“These new Mavericks will provide the Republic of Korea Air Force with additional firepower and will add to South Korea’s existing inventory,” said Jack Roosa, Raytheon Missile Systems Maverick program director.

Maverick  has three types of seekers — television, infrared and laser and features two warhead options: 300 lb blast fragmentation or 125 lb shaped charge. Maverick’s guidance software provides attack capability around-the-clock against fixed targets, high-speed moving and maneuvering armored vehicles, ships and fast boats. The guidance system also allows man-in-the-loop lock-on before launch and provides the missile with a striking precision to within one meter.

Maverick is used by the United States Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and its allied nations on more than 25 types of aircraft.

Naval Today Staff, February 11, 2014; Image: Raytheon

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