American Destroyer Arrives in Romania

American Destroyer Arrives in Romania

The guided missile destroyer USS Truxtun (DDG 103) arrived in Romania for a scheduled port visit on Saturday, Mar. 8.


Truxtun is to partner with regional NATO Allies and participate in a series of routine multilateral naval exercises. Scheduled events include a passing exercise (PASSEX), division tactics (DIVTACS), and a visit to the port of Constanta. While in Constata, Truxtun will welcome aboard senior leaders from the Romanian military for social and professional exchange events. The PASSEX will consist of, among other events, ship maneuvers and daylight helicopter landing qualifications. All exercises are being conducted in the international waters of the Black Sea.

The goal of these exercises is to improve interoperability between the United States and her regional Allies in a continuing effort to promote peace and stability in the Black Sea region.

Cmdr. Andrew Biehn, Truxtun’s commanding officer, remarked that “exercises such as these demonstrate our commitment to regional security and further goals shared by our NATO Allies”.

He continued to emphasize that participating in these events enhances maritime capabilities among partner nations.

Despite heightened tensions in the region, Truxtun’s easterly voyage comes not as a reaction, but represents the culmination of months of planning and a pro-active measure aimed at improving naval ties between the United States and her NATO allies.

Truxtun is currently on a scheduled deployment as a component of Carrier Strike Group Two, centered on the U.S.S. George H. W. Bush (CVN 77).

Press Release, March 9, 2014, 2014; Image: US Navy

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