Ukrainian AF Still in Control of Crimean Air Space


Chief of Radio Technical Troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force (AF) Command, Col. Serhiy Vyshnevsky, denied claims that the Ukrainian AF had lost control over the Crimean air space.


According to him, the Ukrainian AF military units and formations deployed in Crimea are currently blocked and cannot provide full information. Meanwhile, it does not mean they have lost control over the air space, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said in a release.

“The Radio Technical Troops of Air Force of Ukrainian Armed Forces have capacities and capabilities to control the whole air space over Crimea and water space of the Black Sea, and the Command Centre of the Air Force has capacities and capabilities to monitor air situation over peninsula territory, respectively, and control air traffic of all aircrafts,” Col. Serhiy Vyshnevsky stressed.

Press Release, March 14, 2014; Image: Wikimedia