Republic of Singapore Navy Marks RSS Endurance’s 16th Anniversary

Republic of Singapore Navy Marks RSS Endurance's 16th Anniversary

The Republic of Singapore Navy has celebrated the 16th anniversary of the Navy’s first Endurance-class Landing Ship Tank (LST), RSS Endurance.


16 years ago on 14 Mar 1998, the Navy’s first Endurance-class Landing Ship Tank (LST), RSS Endurance, was launched into service by Singaporean First Lady Mrs Tony Tan. Since her commissioning, RSS Endurance has seen many firsts, living out their motto of ‘Achieving Always’.

The first ship in the RSN to circumnavigate the globe in four months – the longest and furthest any RSN vessel had sailed, RSS Endurance braved heavy seas and 7m-high waves, sailing all the way to New York in 2000 for the 6th International Naval Review.

RSS Endurance was also the first ship in Aceh for disaster relief operations, deploying within 24 hours after the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. In 2010, she sailed to the Gulf of Aden to join an international taskforce for counter-piracy operations.

“The heart of Endurance is her people, who work with each other and for each other. I’m glad to be part of a crew that cares and looks out for each other, that works hard and plays hard, that I am proud to call my family. Endurance is our home away from home,” said MAJ Neville Nah, the ship’s Executive Officer.

CPT Eileen Sow, Navigating Officer, added on, “Work isn’t tedious anymore when you feel at home all the time. What’s most amazing about Endurance is that our people go the extra mile, because they truly feel a sense of ownership towards the ship. It is our ship!”

Press Release, March 17, 2014; Image: Republic of Singapore Navy