EU Navfor Force Commander Visits Greek Warship HS Psara

EU Navfor Force Commander Visits Greek Warship HS Psara

On Thursday 13 March the EU Naval Force flagship, FS Siroco, rendezvoused at sea in the Gulf of Aden with Hellenic warship, HS Psara, to conduct a replenishment from sea.


The meeting was also an opportunity for Rear Admiral Hervé Bléjean to visit the crewmembers of the Hellenic Navy frigate, which recently entered the EU’s counter-piracy force.

HS Psara has had a long history with Operation Atalanta as she was the first EU Naval Force flagship in December 2008.

After being flown on board FS Siroco by HS Psara’s SH-70 helicopter, the Force Commander held fruitful discussions with the ship’s commanding officer, Commander Ioannis Hristou and his crewmembers. Rear Admiral Bléjean was also given a guided tour of the ship.

At the same time, crewmembers of HS Psara were flown on board Siroco to interact with Force Headquarters staff and the French Navy crew.

After two hours on board, Admiral Bléjean thanked Commander Hristou for his hospitality and stressed the very good impression he had received during his visit.

Press Release, March 19, 2014; Image: EU Navfor

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