Australia: Navy Seahawk Lends a Hand in Rescue Operation


Royal Australian Navy assets on both sides of Australia were active last night in Search and Rescue operations.

As HMAS Success continued her mission searching for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, a Navy Seahawk helicopter from 816 Squadron was sent to assist in locating seafarers who had activated a distress beacon offshore on the east coast.

Late in the evening of 23rd March, Navy received a request for assistance to support Search and Rescue efforts after the activation of a distress beacon 27 miles southwest of Mallacoota.

“Shortly before 0100 a Navy Seahawk helicopter launched from 816 Squadron at Nowra to support the Search and Rescue activity,” said Commander Marc Pavillard, Commanding Officer of 816 Squadron.

“The aircraft provided support to a police vessel which subsequently recovered four personnel from the water prior to safely returning them to Eden. After almost four hours of night flying to complete the operation, the Seahawk returned to Nowra at 0530 this morning.” Commander Pavillard said.

Mallacoota is a small fishing town situated at the mouth of Mallacoota Inlet in the far eastern corner of Victoria.

Press Release, March 24, 2014, Image: Australian Navy