HNLMS Eversten Medevacs Injured Seafarer to Seychelles


On Friday, 21 March 2014, HNLMS EVERTSEN delivered a badly injured civilian mariner to a Seychelles hospital after two days’ medical treatment at sea.


The incident began Wednesday afternoon, when EVERTSEN received information that a crew member of the French fishing vessel BELOUVE was badly injured and unconscious after having been accidentally struck on the head by a large object. With no other ships in the vicinity, EVERTSEN was tasked by NATO’s counter-piracy task force commander (CTF-508) Rear Admiral Eugenio Diaz del Rio to approach the vessel and provide medical assistance. EVERTSEN reached BELOUVE early Thursday morning.

Once on board BELOUVE, EVERTSEN’s doctor examined the injured mariner. After the mariner was confirmed as being in a stable condition, the Dutch Marines transported him to the warship. The injured mariner received further medical treatment from the medical team in the sickbay of EVERTSEN during transit to the Seychelles.

“Sailors at sea have a duty to assist fellow mariners in need when able,” said Rear Admiral Diaz del Rio. “I am proud of the speed and professionalism displayed by EVERTSEN’s crew in responding to this medical emergency and getting the injured mariner to the hospital.”

Press Release, March 25, 2014, Image: NATO ACO

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