DCNS Showcases Its Portfolio at DIMDEX 2014

DCNS Showcases Its Portolio at DIMDEX 2014

DCNS, a naval defence giant, is exhibiting at DIMDEX 2014, taking place from 25th to 27th of March, in Doha, Qatar.


As a naval prime contractor, shipbuilder and systems integrator, DCNS is showcasing a myriad of its products including:

Surface combatants

The FREMM multimission frigates combine the latest technologies developed by DCNS. These technological and engineering improvements put the FREMM frigates among the most advanced ships in their class worldwide. France’s total order is 11 vessels and the delivery is scheduled from 2012 to 2022. In addition, one FREMM frigate has been recently delivered to the Royal Moroccan Navy.

The innovative vessels designed by DCNS:

The OPV L’Adroit is designed to meet the operational needs of a large number of navies focusing on coastal missions/homeland security. A first ship is already in service with the French Navy since October 2011. With a length overall of 87 metres and 1,400 tonnes displacement, the OPV L’Adroit will offer three weeks’ blue-water endurance, a range of 8,000 nautical miles and a top speed of 21 knots.
Bigger, Gowind® Combat is a multi-mission corvette (100 metres, 2,400 tonnes). She has a comprehensive Combat System for full-scale multi-threat missions, including a complete ASW, AAW, and ASuW suites Bigger, Gowind® Combat is a multi-mission corvette (100 metres, 2,400 tonnes).


The Scorpene medium-size submarines, already chosen by the Chilean, Royal Malaysian, Indian and Brazilian Navies, represent the state-of-the-art in submarine design and construction and benefits from the latest technologies developed for nuclear-powered classes operated by the French Navy, particularly as regards acoustic discretion and combat system performance.


The Contralto-V® torpedo countermeasures, a system for surface combatants designed to counter latest-generation torpedoes. Like Contralto-S®, it uses acoustic decoys and is based on the ‘confusion/dilution’ principle. The operational ‘confusion/dilution’ principle represents the state of the art in torpedo countermeasures. Contralto-V® saturates an in-coming torpedo’s processors by creating and constantly renewing dozens of ephemeral acoustic targets, the only viable solution against latest-generation torpedoes.


Last but not least, DCNS offers a wide range of support services during the entire lifecycle of both surface ships and submarines, including a complete set of courses and solutions designed to train all levels of naval and industrial personnel. Finally, DCNS proposes services in naval bases and shipyards from the Design, Engineering, Construction, and Operation to the maintenance of these infrastructures.
Press Release, March 26, 2014, Image: dcns

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