Russia to Share Its Advanced Submarine Technology with China?


Russia could provide China with its latest Kalina-class submarine, the Voice of Russia writes.


Official Beijing had initially requested from the Russian Government to provide its Navy with four Lada-class submarines. The plan was to revamp these subs with Chinese engines and an electronic fire-control system, according to the Canada-based Kanwa Defense Review.

The change of mind derives from Russian decision to cancel production of the Lada-class submarines, focusing on development of Kalina-class. This will mean that China could benefit substantially from the more cutting-edge submarine technology.

The Russian Navy announced on March 19th that the design of its new class of submarines featuring advanced air-independent propulsion system is underway.

The class is a fifth-generation conventional submarine, dubbed Project Kalina, which will be fitted with an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system, RIA Novosti quoted Adm. Viktor Chirkov as saying.

According to him, the design could be ready by 2017 whereas the first submarine to integrate the system could be built by 2018.

The AIP system offers multiple advantages, including noise reduction and greater endurance under water of up to several weeks without having to emerge.

Naval Today Staff, March 28, 2014; Image: Wikimedia

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