USA: RRC Gets Maintenance Support Contract

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RRC Gets Maintenance Support Contract

PAR Technology Corporation today announced that the U.S. Navy has awarded its subsidiary, Rome Research Corporation (RRC), a five-year $7.9 million contract to provide 24/7/365 operation and maintenance support services at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Detachment LaMoure, North Dakota.


The Det LaMoure station serves as a versatile swing site for broadcast operations and an operational site to mitigate downtime at other transmitter facilities in the Arctic, Atlantic or Pacific areas of responsibilities, and consists of a 1200’ monopole base insulated antenna, 100’ communications tower, transmitter building housing the VLF transmitter and control system, and other facilities.

Stephen Lynch, President of PAR’s Government Operations commented on the award, “The Navy’s LaMoure VLF facility is an important link in the overall Submarine and DoD communications network. I am pleased that the Navy has selected our Company to provide these services which are vital to the national defense. We look forward to supporting the United States Navy submarine fleet.”

The VLF transmitter is a solid state amplifier developed under the Solid State Power Amplifier Replacement (SSPAR) program. VLF technology, the radio spectrum between 3 kHz and 30 kHz, has been used for naval submarine communications since the 1950’s. The VLF system is the most reliable form of long distance and underwater communications ever developed, even under the most adverse conditions. The VLF signals can penetrate solid rock and the ocean surface, both of which block radio waves at higher frequencies.

Press Release, April 3, 2014; Image: PAR

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