MH370 Search Continues in Indian Ocean

MH370 Search Continues in Indian Ocean

Up to 11 military aircraft, one civil aircraft and 15 ships will assist in today’s search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.


Today the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has planned a visual search area totalling approximately 47,644 square kilometres. The centre of the search areas lies approximately 2,200 kilometres north west of Perth.

Today, Australian Defence Vessel Ocean Shield continues more focused sweeps with the Towed Pinger Locator to try and locate further signals related to aircraft black boxes. The AP-3C Orions continue their acoustic search, working in conjunction with Ocean Shield. The oceanographic ship HMS Echo is also working in the area with Ocean Shield.

There have been no confirmed acoustic detections over the past 24 hours.

The weather forecast for today is south easterly winds with possible showers, sea swells up to 1.5 metres and visibility of three to five kilometres.

Press Release, April 14, 2014; Image: Australian Government