MH370: MV Seahorse Standard Remains Focused on Search

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MV Seahorse Standard Remains Focused on Search

Navy personnel embarked on MV Seahorse Standard remain focused on the international search effort for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370.


Clearance divers, boats crews and communicators have supplemented Seahorse Standard’s regular ship’s company of 12, providing additional capability to scour the surface for any evidence of the lost aircraft.

Able Seaman Combat Systems Operator Michael McCarthy from HMAS Stirling is embarked to provide an additional small boat capability.

While on watch Able Seaman McCarthy expressed hope in finding evidence of MH370.

“Anything we do manage to retrieve may help solve the mystery of the missing flight,” he said.

Able Seaman Lachlan Flannery from Australian Clearance Diving Team Four is one of six clearance divers embarked to provide the capability to search for and retrieve debris on or near the surface.

“There’s not a lot to see out here but we’ve been able to retrieve some objects — unfortunately they weren’t anything from the missing aircraft, but we’ll keep looking as long as we’re able,” Able Seaman Flannery said.

Press Release, April 15, 2014; Image: Australian Govt

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