HMAS Stuart Marks Anzac Day at Sea

HMAS Stuart Marks Anzac Day at Sea

As dawn was breaking on Friday 25th of April, the crew from HMAS Stuart formed up on the ship’s flight deck for an Anzac Day Service.


186 men and women stood proud as the Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Dalton, the Ship’s Company through an emotional service.

For many of the crew this was their first Anzac Day spent at sea, as they commemorated the lives of the young men and women who went before them.

Leading Seaman Fane Cokanauto sang both the Australian and New Zealand National Anthems, which was particularly poignant for Lieutenant Simon Dickson from the Royal New Zealand Navy is currently serving in Stuart on exchange.

Lieutenant Dickson was given the honour of being the Catafalque Guard Commander for the Service.

“This is my first Anzac Day serving at sea, and I am proud to be here with the Australian Navy carrying on the ANZAC legacy.”

“To hear my national Anthem sung on an Australian Navy ship at sea is something I will never forget.”

When the Dawn Service was over, the crew of Stuart known colloquially as ‘Tartan Terrors’ enjoyed a tradditional ‘gunfire’ breakfast followed by the chef’s home made Anzac biscuits.

In another mark of Anzac Day tradition, personnel also celebrated wins and others losses in a friendly game of two-up held on the Gun Direction Platform.

The day was complete when ‘hands to bathe’ was piped, with the crew given an opportunity to relax and cool off with a swim.

Press Release, April 29, 2014; Image: Australian Navy