HMS Severn Welcomes Two Reservists Aboard

HMS Severn Welcomes Two Reservists Aboard

HMS Severn welcomed two Reservist personnel with open arms recently. The Fishery Protection vessel, newly awarded the Jersey Cup for operational effectiveness has embarked the personnel for a period to gain vital experience of Marine Enforcement Operations.


Acting Sub-Lieutenant Oli Holland RNR, 24, was embarked in Severn for 2 weeks as apart of his Initial Fleet Time training period. During his time on board Acting Sub-Lieutenant Holland, from HMS President, undertook a number of Departmental acquaint periods to understand the Ships routines and manpower planning.

Additional to this he was involved in bridge watch keeping and gained first hand experience of fishery protection and boarding operations.

Acting Sub-Lieutenant Holland said, “The experience I gained was absolutely fantastic. The Ship’s Company were incredibly welcoming and allowing me to get the most out of the experience. This type of opportunity is vital for my personnel development I can’t thank the Ship’s Company enough for their willingness to help”.

Able Seaman Phil Quirk RNR, 22, joined Severn in March 2014 on an FTRS (Full-time Reserve Service) contract until the end of 2015. During his time on board he has conducted Quarter Master and Cox’n training for the Ship’s Sea Boats, as well as becoming an integral member of the Reaction Force.

With regards to his experience on board so far Able Seaman Quirk said “I wholly recommend other Reservists, if given the chance, to take up this type of opportunity. The amount I have learnt in the past couple of months has been staggering. I have been involved in a range of activities since joining Severn and my aim is to utilise this for my upcoming change of role next year”.

Able Seaman Quirk, from HMS Dalriada is due to join the Royal Navy full-time in early 2015 as a Warfare spec, with the intention of joining the Diving branch in the future.

Press Release, April 30, 2014; Image: Royal Navy