Officials from Yemen Welcomed at Its Bahrain HQ

Officials from Yemen Welcomed at Its Bahrain HQ

Having recently joined the Combined Maritime Forces – a naval partnership that combats piracy and terrorism – officials from Yemen received a warm welcome at its Bahrain headquarters


The inaugural visit served to strengthen and enhance the relationship between CMF and its newest member Yemen, which has existed informally for a number of years, but which joined formally in December.

The two visitors were Major General Abdullah Salem Abdullah, Commander of the Naval Forces and Coastal Defence and Brigadier General Tawfik Al-Keiz, Deputy Chairman, Yemen Coast Guard.

They received briefings on current operations by each of CMF’s three task forces – CTFs 150, 151 and 152 – and met headquarters staff and many of the senior national representatives from many of CMF’s 29 other member nations.

Meeting them in Bahrain was Commodore Keith Blount OBE Royal Navy, United Kingdom Maritime Component Commander, and Deputy Commander, Combined Maritime Forces. He said:

“Yemen has worked alongside CMF forces to mutual benefit in the past.

“We share common goals of combating piracy and terrorism in the region.”

“Yemen, as CMF’s 30th member, will provide additional opportunities to improve understanding and enhance joint working with other CMF forces.”

Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) is a multi-national naval partnership, which exists to promote security, stability and prosperity across roughly 2.5 million square miles of international waters, which encompass some of the world’s most important shipping lanes, east of Suez.

CMF’s main focus areas are defeating terrorism, preventing piracy, encouraging regional cooperation, and promoting a safe maritime environment.

Being welcomed to CMF Headquarters, Brigadier General Tawfik Al-Keiz, said: “While we have worked alongside each other since 2007, this occasion marks the beginning of deeper cooperation and greater joint working between our organisations and the other nations that contribute to CMF.”

Press Release, May 2, 2014; Image: Royal Navy