USA: 2014 HURREX Citadel Gale Training Exercise Kicks Off

2014 HURREX Citadel Gale Training Exercise Kicks Off

Hurricane season is right around the corner and Navy Region Southeast (NRSE) is gearing up for the 2014 HURREX Citadel Gale training exercise. The exercise began on May 5 and will last till May 15 in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season.


The purpose of HURREX Citadel Gale 2014 is to prepare regions Navy-wide to respond to weather threats to U.S. coastal regions, and to maintain the ability to deploy forces even under the most adverse weather conditions. Tropical storms have the potential to cause great damage as they pass, and the Navy prepares every year to mitigate that damage.

“HURREX Citadel Gale 14 is the annual U.S. Fleet Forces Command hurricane preparedness exercise and Commander, Navy Installations Command natural disaster restoration and recovery exercise that provides evacuation, disaster preparedness and consequence management training to afloat and shore based commands,” said John Hunczak, NRSE Regional Operation Assessment and Assistance Program (ROAAP) exercise planner.

“This is a great training opportunity and focusing event for the Navy Region Southeast team in preparation for the 2014 hurricane season,” continued Hunczak.

For exercise preparation, NRSE will review disaster preparedness plans and conduct individual and team training. NRSE will also conduct pre-exercise and pre-tropical cyclone season discussions with disaster preparedness officers of subordinate commands to address exercise scenarios, emergency plans, and recovery efforts.

The destruction and devastation caused by storms reinforce the need for proper training and preparedness prior to the threat of a real world natural disaster. NRSE has endured severe storms in the recent past to include hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. Being prepared for the potential issues associated with a storm can only be successful with proper training, which is why this type of exercise is necessary on an annual basis.

Navy Region Southeast remains committed to the safety, security, and well-being of its Sailors, civilians, and their family members.

Press Release, May 7, 2014; Image: US Navy

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