ITS Mimbelli, TCG Gokceada Help Train Regional Partners

ITS Mimbelli, TCG Gokceada Help Train Regional Partners

Two NATO counter-piracy task force (CTF-508) warships, ITS MIMBELLI and TCG GÖKÇEADA, recently engaged in training regional partners in counter-piracy operations to enhance their respective abilities in improving maritime security in the waters off their coasts.


Last week, the Italian frigate ITS MIMBELLI, currently deployed with NATO’s counter-piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD, provided training to two Yemeni Officers of the Yemeni Navy and Coast Guard respectively.

The two Yemeni officers followed a fully integrated programme supported by ITS MIMBELLI’s operational and boarding teams, receiving training, both theoretical and practical, on merchant traffic control and counter–piracy operations.

After their integration with the boarding team, the Yemeni officers actively participated, acting as interpreters, for maritime situational awareness visits to Yemeni vessels during counter-piracy operations and safety of life related tasks.

In late April, NATO Warship TCG GÖKÇEADA conducted a visit to Port Louis to reinforce relationships with the Mauritius Coast Guard and help build their capacity to combat piracy.

The Commanding Officer of TCG GÖKÇEADA, Commander Y. Metin Pehlivan, paid courtesy calls to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Regional Integration and International Trade of Mauritius, the Mayor of Port Louis, and the Mauritius National Coast Guard Commandant.

During the visit, 35 Mauritius National Coast Guard boat crew members visited TCG GÖKÇEADA and were briefed on counter-piracy operations and ship capabilities.

“The visits to Mauritius Government Authorities, National Coast Guard Commandant and Port Authorities were quite beneficial to reinforce relationships between NATO and Mauritius,” said Commander Pehlivan.

These activities helped reinforce the importance of cooperation and interoperability between NATO and the coastal regional countries.

Press Release, May 8, 2014; Image: Wikimedia

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