U.S. MCPON Pays Visit to Navy’s Premiere Leadership School

U.S. MCPON Pays Visit to Navy's Premiere Leadership School

Master Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy (MCPON) Mike Stevens visited service members at the Senior Enlisted Academy and the Command Master Chief/Chief of the Boat course at Naval Station Newport where he discussed leadership development.


“As Chief Petty Officers, we must set and maintain the highest of standards,” said Stevens. “As such, we must set the conditions for success by leading and setting the example and mentoring our sailors. And we must do so by treating them with dignity and respect.”

During his visit, MCPON talked about the importance of having an informed and trusted command triad.

“A successful triad cannot fail and a dysfunctional triad cannot succeed,” said Stevens. “The relationship that you have with the commanding officer and executive officer is critical to the command.”

MCPON later took a few questions from the group.

A Sailor asked about the negative impact on making board when first class petty officers do not participate in CPO 365 Phase One training.

“I don’t view CPO 365 Phase One or Two as optional. If done correct, it’s year-round professional leadership development,” said Stevens.

Another Sailor asked MCPON what has been one of the most beneficial influences throughout his career.

Stevens said that one of the things that has helped him the most to develop as a leader was focusing on his faith and expanding his professional reading program.

He said, “Wisdom is learned experience, and there is no greater thing in leadership than wisdom.”

As MCPON concluded his visit, he left the Sailors with a few words of advice.

“If people gravitate toward you based on the way you carry yourself, conduct yourself and treat other people, then you have a positive influence as a leader,” said Stevens. “Leadership is not about rank or age; it’s about ones ability to influence others in a positive way.”

Press Release, May 15, 2014; Image: US Navy

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