French Navy to Use DITEC’s DC-100 for Rust Removal

French Navy to Use DITEC's DC-100 for Rust Removal

On May 16th, 2014 DITEC International announced that DC-100 Rust Remover, an item in DC-100 Collection™, will be used by French Navy.


DC-100 Rust Remover™ implements the AR Technology and is selected to be used aboard French Navy ships.

The Rust Remover belongs to DITEC’s DC-100 Collection™, using Acid Replacement Technology combined with DITEC’s ELST Solutions. DC-100 product line demonstrates an extreme performance and efficiency while providing the highest level of safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency.

The entire marine industry, including Navy, cruise ships, transport ships and private yachts are operating in one of the most demanding environments on the earth. Every year billions of dollars is spent to fight rust on board marine vessels and rust problem is a great concern combined with enormous financial commitment for the entire industry regardless the size of the vessel. To address this concern DITEC International developed DC-100 Rust Remover™.

“Personal safety, sustainability, performance and reduction of maintenance costs are top priorities for French Navy. By using DC-100 on board their vessels, the French Navy has seen the value in making their ships safer, their operation more sustainable while reducing maintenance intervals and repair costs, as well as increasing the life expectancy of their vessels,” said Colin Wilcken for DITEC Distribution in France.

Press Release, May 19, 2014; Image: Royal Navy