U.S. Navy Holds Memorial Day

U.S. Navy Holds Memorial Day

Over the weekend the U.S. Navy reflected on their history and core values by holding a Memorial Day.


Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Mike Stevens said: “We often hear the words, “Freedom is not free.” We preserve our freedoms by supporting and defending, and at times sacrificing our lives for the guarantee of rights, liberties, and pursuit of happiness to every citizen. There is absolutely no greater sacrifice than giving one’s life for their country.”

The Memorial Day was held in order to remember the fallen heroes, the loved ones who served and to pay respects to many who have donned the uniform of a United States Sailor.

MCPON added: “From supporting homeland defense and deployments downrange with ground forces to participation in disaster response and months underway on ships, your role in every diverse aspect of our Navy’s mission is critical.”

Press Release, May 27, 2014; Image: U.S. Navy