Italian Navy’s ADS Gets System Upgrade

Italian Navy’s ADS Get System Upgrade

OceanWorks International announces a major system upgrade of the Italian Navy’s Atmospheric Diving Systems (ADS).


Taking advantage of thruster improvements and upgraded electronic systems, the enhancements to the HARDSUIT System are focused in two main areas:

1) Thruster and buoyancy systems;
2) Electronics and communications systems.

Oceanworks capitalized on the improvements in performance and reliability of subsea thruster systems by developing a proprietary subsea thruster power unit. To accommodate the change in physical configuration and weight distribution of this system, OceanWorks packaged the thruster upgrade with a redesigned buoyancy and backpack system. Additionally, OceanWorks has addressed requirements for updated electronic, communication, power distribution, and support equipment.

Advantages to the Italian Navy will be Hardsuits with increases in performance, and reliability, and a reduction in technician training requirements.

Press Release, June 02, 2014; Image: OceanWorks International

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