NSA Bahrain Organizes Safety Stand Down Event

NSA Bahrain Organizes Safety Stand Down Event

The Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain Safety Department presented a “Summer Safety Stand Down” event for all hands during the week of May 18.


The event was coordinated through several organizations to provide a well-rounded safety brief, yet provide information tailored to the unique working environment onboard NSA Bahrain.

“The goal for personnel attending the brief was to learn about potential hazards, which may be present onboard NSA Bahrain,” said Joel Baylor, safety director for NSA Bahrain. “There are differences in safety standards between the bases in the U.S. and here in Bahrain. Service members need to be aware of the possible dangers and how to properly report them.”

One of the key topics of the stand down was dealing with the extreme heat during the spring and summer months in Bahrain. The Naval Branch Health Clinic (NBHC) Bahrain continuously measures temperatures throughout the day and advises the Safety Department of the current conditions. However, awareness of the heat level is only part of knowing the risks of being exposed to it.

“People need to understand the heat in Bahrain can be extreme,” said Hospital Corpsman 1st Class James Thime, leading petty officer of NBHC Bahrain Preventative Medicine. “The problem comes from the body not being able to regulate its normal temperature in the high heat. Service members working in these conditions should be aware of their own capabilities, as well as those within their group. If someone has become overheated, you need to cool him or her off quickly and seek medical help from the nearest facility.”

More than 1,850 Sailors, civilian employees and other service members, from departments around NSA Bahrain, attended the Summer Safety Stand Down. Seven briefings were given over a course of three days.

Other topics included responsible use of alcohol, recreational watercraft safety, and electrical safety.

Press Release, June 02, 2014; Image: Wikimedia