Naval Reservists Join HMS Illustrious

Naval Reservists Join HMS Illustrious

A group of UK Royal Naval Reservists (RNR) recently joined HMS Illustrious to spend some time learning and training alongside their regular counterparts on an operational warship.


A total of 19 Reservists from a range of different backgrounds and units across the country joined the ship for almost two weeks.

Integrated within host departments, they spent time learning about the day-to-day running of the ship.

Working and living with the crew members, the Reservists were able to gain a better understanding of the roles of each person on-board, and also allowed the ship’s company to learn more about the Reservist role.

“The ship’s company has been amazingly helpful and accommodating during our stay,” said Able Seaman Mel Wrightson, whose civilian job is as a production planner for a printing company in Yorkshire.

“It’s not every day that we get the opportunity to learn, train and work alongside the Regulars in such a hands on manner.”

The Reservists visited the main departments on ship, including Warfare, Engineering, Logistics and Seamanship, spending time talking to people in each.

Several Reservists have been invited back to join the ship’s company for Exercise Deep Blue and supplement the manpower onboard HMS Illustrious.

Press Release, June 04, 2014; Image: UK Navy