HMS Protector Ready for Disaster Relief Ops in the Caribbean

HMS Protector Ready for Disaster Relief Ops in the Caribbean

The Royal UK Navy’s ice patrol ship HMS Protector has embarked a specialist Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief team as she undertakes hydrographic survey operations around the British Virgin Islands.


The team joined the ship following a disaster relief exercise on Beef Island where the ship’s company practised their response to an emergency – in this case the aftermath of a hurricane.

And in a five-day training period in the lead-up to the Beef Island exercise, there were a host of scenarios for the ship’s company to deal with including simulated fires, floods and man overboard and casualty exercises.

This specialist training ensures HMS Protector’s crew are fully up-to-date and validated in their ability to deal with any emergency that could arise in the Caribbean while she is in the region.

The Executive Officer of HMS Protector Commander Richard Bird said: “Having a specialist ice patrol ship in the Caribbean may appear slightly strange but we are a very capable and versatile ship and are conducting survey operations in the region while also ensuring we are fully equipped for any situations we may encounter.

“We are well prepared to assist with any aid effort that may be required in the lead-up to hurricane season both with a well-trained and focused ship’s company and the embarkation of a specialist Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief team.”

The HADR team will remain onboard until HMS Protector relocates to the southern hemisphere in preparation for resuming her ice patrol tasking at the beginning of the Antarctic summer.

Press Release, June 09, 2014; Image: UK Navy

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