HMCS Athabaskan Takes Part in Rendez-Vous Naval

HMCS Athabaskan Takes Part in Rendez-Vous Naval

HMCS Athabaskan will visit Québec City to participate in the Rendez-vous naval, which will be held June 13-15.


“The Royal Canadian Navy is proud to participate in the 4th edition of the Rendez-vous naval de Québec, an event that highlights and pays homage to the naval history and maritime character of Québec City,” said Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Athabaskan is an Iroquois-class warship and area air defence destroyer. Its advanced communications capabilities and the large amount of space on board make it an ideal ship for carrying out the command and control functions and tasks assigned to it.

Construction of Athabaskan began in 1969 at the Davie shipyard in Lévis. The vessel was commissioned on September 30, 1972, and in 2014 it celebrates its 42nd year in service.

Athabaskan is currently commanded by Commander Mathias Plaschka and has a crew of more than 300 officers and sailors.

Press Release, June 13, 2014; Image: Canadian Navy