Sailors Receive Cyber Security Training at Groton, USA

Sailors Receive Cyber Security Training at Groton, USA

Sailors assigned to Groton-based attack submarines and Navy shore commands will complete cyber security training provided over the course of two weeks at Naval Submarine Base New London, June 13.


More than 20 Sailors began receiving face-to-face instruction June 2 from a nine-person mobile training team of Navy reservists sent by the submarine force and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR).

The training teaches best practices in cyber security for preventing adversaries and hackers from infiltrating classified and non-classified information systems.

“There are bad actors out there trying to penetrate, extract or upload malicious computer data to Navy web-based systems every day,” said Senior Chief Electronics Technician John Perkins, a submarine force reservist and the training team’s senior instructor.

Perkins explained that network security remains a top concern.

The training team is wrapping up the last of two weeklong sessions. Electronics Technician 3rd Class Barry Lising from USS California (SSN 781) had positive reviews following last week’s session.

“This course is great for those with little experience,” Lising said. “It condenses otherwise lengthy books and manuals into a weeklong course that gives you everything you need to certify.”

Sessions conclude with most students earning an information security credential called “Security+.” Both military and civilian sectors recognize the certification as proof of competency in network security procedures. Lising earned his “Security+” certification last Friday.

Lt. Allen Bowman, communications officer for Submarine Group 2, was instrumental in linking local submariners with the training team. He believes the training is a “good deal” for Groton’s cyber security workforce.

“It’s been a wonderful opportunity for our Sailors in information systems to gain a universally recognized certification that is applicable in the military and civilian sector,” Bowman said.

He also noted that certification courses were recently added to training pipelines to help new cyber security workforce members meet credentialing requirements.

Sailors from California, USS Dallas (SSN 700), USS Toledo (SSN 769), and Pre-Commissioning Unit Illinois (SSN 786) have attended the sessions in Groton alongside other active duty and reserve personnel from shore commands.

Headquartered in San Diego, SPAWAR’s reserve program sends mobile training teams worldwide to help Sailors improve network security and meet the Navy’s cyber security goals.

Cmdr. Jeffrey Millican, a SPAWAR reservist, led the overall training effort in Groton and said he’s pleased that his team has given “the ‘Silent Service’ yet another information dominance edge.”

Press Release, June 13, 2014; Image: Wikimedia