HMS Clyde Joins Falkland Islands Liberation Anniversary

HMS Clyde Joins Falkland Islands Liberation Anniversary

Sailors from HMS Clyde joined other protectors of the Falkland Islands as the remote British territory marked the 32nd anniversary of its liberation.


The ship’s company took part in a memorial service and parade, and hosted veterans of the 1982 conflict on Liberation Day in the islands’ capital, Stanley.

His head bowed in reverence, HMS Clyde’s AB Gaiger honours the 255 Britons killed 32 years ago when men and women from the mother country sailed 8,000 miles to liberate the Falklands.

The islands’ present-day Royal Navy guardship sailed into Stanley so its sailors could join local civilians and members of the Falkland Islands Defence Force at Liberation Day events.

June 14 is a national holiday in the Falklands, but it is a solemn affair in the depths of the austral winter.

Press Release, June 17, 2014; Image: UK Navy