LRAD-RX Units Ordered for Navy Vessels

LRAD-RX Units Ordered for Navy Vessels

LRAD Corporation, a provider of long range acoustic hailing devices (AHDs), announced the receipt of a $1.7 million order for LRAD-RX systems and accessories from an international navy in Southeast Asia.


The LRAD-RX units will be mounted on vessels in the country’s fleet, and used for various naval applications. An initial $950,000 is scheduled to ship by September 30, 2014, with the balance to be shipped as new vessels are built and commissioned.

“The LRAD brand continues to be the industry standard for acoustic hailing devices used for naval applications throughout the world,” noted Tom Brown, President and CEO of LRAD Corporation. “The combination of superior voice intelligibility, exceptional broadcast range, and durable construction has enabled LRAD systems to maintain the dominant market share of military-grade acoustic devices. Armed forces, navies and police organizations throughout the world use LRAD systems daily to establish communications with potential threats, create large safety zones and to save lives.”

The LRAD-RX can be operated onboard vessels or remotely across an IP network, enabling system operators to respond to potential threats from a safe location out of harm’s way. The LRAD-RX provides highly intelligible speech transmissions over 3,000 meters to provide naval personnel additional time and valuable information to assess and appropriately respond to threat situations.

Press Release, June 18, 2014; Image: LRAD