Philippine Navy Captures ASG Member

Philippine Navy Captures ASG Member

A top member of the Abu Sayaf Group (ASG) was captured by the Philippine Navy with other government law enforcement agencies June 22, 2014.


Sattar Abdulla aka Abu Satar was captured while hiding in Tulnalutan Island, Zamboanga City by the Philippine Navy units.

Sattar has a pending Warrant of Arrest and frequently being pursued by government law enforcers. He is alleged to be financing the ASG operations and known as one of the group’s members.

Sattar was reported and confirmed to be hiding in the said island near the main land of Zamboanga City. With this report, Joint Law enforcement Operations was organized with the National Bureau of Investigation, Task force Zamboanga, Recon Company, Zamboanga City Police and Naval Task Group 61.1 aboard PG118 as the interim Task Group Commander.

BRP Emilio Liwanag (PG118) with the Command group embarked with personnel from other law enforcement agencies together with Naval Operations Unit-6 and Naval Intelligence Service Group – Western Mindanao as the main effort. The mission was successfully accomplished without firefight and without any incurred injury or casualty on the government side and the nearby civilian populace of the targeted area.

Press Release, June 27, 2014; Image: Flickr

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