Italian Navy Divers Dispose of WWII Bomb

Italian Navy Divers Dispose of WWII Bomb

The Ancona S.D.A.I. (Insidious Devices Disposal Experts) of the Italian Navy Operational Divers Group were dispatched to Baia di Vallugola (Pesaro) after an amateur diver notified them of the presence of what looked like an unexploded bomb.


The divers identified it as an Italian 500 kg double fuses bomb from WWII. The clearance operations have been even more risky, due to the shallow waters (1.7 m), which prevented the use of normal hoisting systems. The squad members had to resort to a makeshift floating capstan to break it off the seabed.

During the dangerous operation, part of the Vallugola population had to be evacuated.

The device was then towed to the high seas, two miles off the coast and detonated, with the necessary precautions to safeguard the marine environment.

Press Release, July 01, 2014; Image: Italian Navy