Italian Navy Rescues over 5,000 Migrants

Italian Navy Rescues over 5,000 Migrants

The Italian Navy ships, deployed on Operation Mare Nostrum during the past weekend, have rescued over 5,000 migrants.


Frigate Grecale, with 566 people onboard, and corvette Chimera with 353, were scheduled to reach Pozzallo yesterday. On June 29, 30 bodies were found in the hold during the search and rescue and inspection operations onboard a boat. According to the medical staff who examined the bodies, the causes of death were probably due to asphyxia and drowning; while they recommended not to remove them before reaching the port.

Amphibious ship San Giorgio, with 1,170 migrants, was moored at Taranto port yesterday. Patroller Dattilo from the Port Authorities, docked at Augusta port with 1,096 migrants. Tank ship Etna, with 1,044 people aboard, will reach Salerno port during the day.

Patrol ship Orione, with 396 peole, and merchant vessel Mare Atlantic, with 235 migrants, are heading to Messina port. Patrol motorboat 906 Corsi from the Port Authorities with 341 migrants is sailing to Porto Empedocle. Merchant vessels City of Beirut with 105 migrants, and Ticky with 190, were scheduled to arrive in Trapani yesterday.

Press Release, July 01, 2014; Image: Italian Navy