Nave Galatea Conducts Surveys in Venice and Marghera

Nave Galatea Conducts Surveys in Venice and Marghera

Nave Galatea, Italian Navy’s coastal hydrographic unit, is currently engaged in geodetic and topographic surveys in Venice and Marghera for the 2014 Idro-Oceanigraphic Campaign.


These two areas are characterized by peculiar tidal rhythms and subjected to evolutionary dynamics, such as subsidence (sinking of land) and eustatism (sea level rise), fluvial sediments and the dynamics of coastal waters.

The data collected will be analyzed and forwarded to the Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute (I.I.M.) to produce and update official nautical charts for safety of navigation.

ITS Galatea and her crew are each year engaged in six-month long hydrographic campaigns aiming at updating nautical charts, seabed surveys, study of the chemical-physical parameters of waters, seabed characterization, often collaborating with research bodies and institutions for “dual” or multivalent activities.

Press Release, July 01, 2014; Image: Italian Navy