South Korea’s Fifth Submarine Launched

South Korea’s Fifth Submarine Launched

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI), the world’s biggest shipbuilder, announced today that it launched South Korea’s fifth submarine, ROKS Yun Bong-gil, at its headquarters in Ulsan, South Korea.


The launching ceremony of the Class 214 diesel-electric air independent propulsion (AIP) submarine was attended by Admiral Hwang Ki-chul, the chief of naval operations, Republic of Korea; Mr. Kim Oi-hyun, president and CEO of HHI; and 200 other guests.

The Class 214 AIP submarine, measuring 65 m in length and 7 m in width, can sail at a maximum speed of 20 knots with a crew of 40. With a 1,800-ton displacement capacity, South Korea’s largest submarine made of high yield steel can dive up to 400 m deep and last 2 weeks under water with fuel cells. The submarine, equipped with guided missiles, torpedoes and mines, also features an automatic simultaneous target tracking system and a torpedo guidance and detection system.

The submarine, named after Yun Bong-gil, the Korean independence activist during the Japanese occupation of Korea, will be delivered to the Korean Navy by the end of 2015 after seaborne operational exercises.

The Ulsan, South Korea-based shipbuilder has also delivered South Korea’s first, second, and third Class 214 submarines and is currently building the Korean navy’s seventh and ninth submarines of the same class.

Press Release, July 03, 2014; Image: HHI