HMS Lancaster Conducts Submarine Course

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HMS Lancaster Conducts Submarine Course

Following a challenging week on the Perisher Submarine Command Course, two groups of HMS Lancaster’s personnel visited the surrounding Scottish islands.


Lancaster was on hand to do what she does best, hunt and destroy submarines, and in turn the RN’s ‘silent service’ tried to sink their ‘target,’ the very same HMS Lancaster.

After what was a very challenging few days with many successes on both sides, the Commanding Officer was able to meet up with the submariners who had all successfully passed their course. Until this point they had only seen the CO and his ship through their periscope, so now was time for more cordial relations.

The ship’s Commanding Officer, Commander Peter Laughton MBE, said: “This has been a hugely beneficial and rewarding period of sustained anti-submarine warfare training against one of our own highly capable and formidable submarines.”

Press Release, July 04, 2014; Image: UK Navy

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