HMAS Ballarat Ship’s Company Moves to HMAS Anzac

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HMAS Ballarat Ship’s Company Moves to HMAS Anzac

Moving offices in the civilian world is a little less complicated and spectacular than the Royal Australian Navy way as was displayed last week at Fleet Base West. The exchanging of ball caps and uniform patches on the flight deck symbolised the official transfer of the ship’s company from HMAS Ballarat to HMAS Anzac.


Anzac has recently arrived back at Fleet Base West (FBW) in continuation of the Anti-Ship Missile Defence Upgrade program where she will commence her Harbour Acceptance Trials in support of this upgrade and complete her Engineering Maintenance Availability. Ballarat is along side FBW being prepared to enter the ASMD upgrade program and expecting to move to Henderson in the coming weeks.

The transfer from Ballarat to Anzac is more than just an ‘office move’ said HMAS Anzac Commanding Officer, Commander Matthew Doornbos.

“We have worked hard to ensure the Ballarat is ready to go to the dock and begin her upgrades, now our focus changes.

“Whilst we have left the Ballarat platform, the ship’s history and motto of ‘Defend the Flag’ is still relevant to all of us, and ties in nicely with our new ship’s motto of ‘United we Stand.’

“The teamwork and professionalism displayed by the ship’s company in preparing Ballarat will be carried on in their new role of readying Anzac for sea.”

The ASMD upgrade program, conducted at Henderson in Western Australia significantly enhances the capability of the ship’s weapons and sensors systems. In addition, a substantial maintenance package is also completed to ensure compliance with the tenets of seaworthiness.

Press Release, July 09, 2014; Image: Australian Navy

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