Warbreck Bags BAE Systems’ Nuclear Submarine Deal

Warbreck Bags BAE Systems' Nuclear Submarine Deal

Warbreck Engineering and Construction, a wholly owned subsidiary of the HS Ocean Group of Companies, has been awarded a key marine contract by BAE Systems.


Warbreck Engineering and Construction’s 24,000sqm facility is fully equipped and serviced, offering specialist engineering, outfit and large scale fabrications in a range of materials including carbon and stainless steels and aluminium.

The contract will see Warbreck Engineering & Construction manufacturing a substantial structural support framework as part of a plan to create a full-size steel replica of the new Successor class submarine’s nuclear reactor compartment.

The support framework will be manufactured and assembled in sections – dimensionally checked at each stage – and then shipped to the BAE Systems site in Barrow, where it will be re-assembled. Its primary use will be to allow personnel to safely access the mock up, carry out design justification reviews and assist in the development of future crew by enabling training activities to be undertaken in a ‘real life’ scenario. The replica will not contain any nuclear materials.

Warbreck Engineering & Construction is one of the first UK companies to commence work on the project having been tasked with creating an intricate support structure to allow viewing and access to the full-size replica of the nuclear PWR3 (pressurised water reactor).

The Successor class is the next generation of British nuclear submarine and will replace the current Vanguard class from 2028.

The Successor submarines will be amongst the stealthiest in the world, with the ability to circumnavigate the globe without surfacing and fire missiles from a distance of 1000km. The Successor class will also be the first vessel to carry the Rolls-Royce PWR3 reactor.

BAE Systems is the industrial lead for the Successor programme and together with partners Rolls-Royce and Babcock Marine will design the new generation of submarine. Warbeck Engineering and Construction is one of the first contractors to commence work on the project.

HS Ocean Group of Companies will fabricate, assemble and disassemble the steel structure on site at both its Warbreck and MCTAYS shipyard facilities in the North West of England.

BAE Systems has a number of specialist designers and engineers currently working on the project and the Government has predicted that more than 850 businesses will benefit across the project’s supply chain.

Andy Boardman, HSOG’s chief executive officer, said: “The contract award from BAE Systems is a huge endorsement of the exceptional standard of work we deliver at HSOG. To be one of the first UK contractors to start work on the project is an immense source of pride and we are also delighted that the project is generating work for local engineers and providing an economic boost to the maritime industry here in the North West.”

Press Release, July 14, 2014; Image: Wikimedia

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