Canadian Navy Investigates HMCS Whitehorse Chain of Command

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Canadian Navy Investigates HMCS Whitehorse Chain of Command

After HMCS Whitehorse was ordered to end its participation in the U.S. Navy’s training exercise RIMPAC last week because of an alleged misconduct of its crew, the Royal Canadian Navy has opened another investigation into the incidents.


Commodore Bob Auchterlonie, commander of the Canadian Fleet Pacific, who is responsible for all ships in his fleet, has been assigned to examine the circumstances surrounding the return of HMCS Whitehorse.

According to The Globe and Mail, besides the alleged accusations of sexual misconduct, shoplifting and drunkenness of three members of HMCS Whitehorse’s crew, the new investigation will include the chain of command structure on the vessel.

“It’s almost a historical event when you’re recalling a ship, so presumably you should be looking at the commanding officer” too, The Globe and Mail quoted the navy spokesman Cdr. Hubert Genest.

This is the first time a ship has been recalled for “reasons of conduct.”

Because of a larger series of recent incidents the navy announced a review of rules that govern sailors when they are ashore but off duty at ports. 

HMCS Whitehorse was supposed to conduct naval mine countermeasure exercises together with another Canadian ship, HMCS Nanaimo during RIMPAC in San Diego.


Naval Today Staff, July 17, 2014; Image: Wikimedia
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