Colombian Navy Seizes 196 Kilograms of Cocaine

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Colombian Navy Seizes 196 Kilograms of Cocaine

Units of the Colombian Navy seized 196 kilograms of cocaine aboard a “Corvina” type vessel which was moored in Buenaventura – Valle del Cauca.


With the help of the Pacific Coast Guard, they managed to locate the vessel and perform an inspection. The Navy found an iron cylinder torpedo hidden under the nets aboard the vessel and 196 packages of drugs hidden inside. According to preliminary information, the cylinder was supposed to be transported on a cargo ship to Central America.

The boat and the cocaine packages were taken to the Coast Guard Station in Buenaventura, where the Judicial Police tested the drugs.

The estimated value of the confiscated material is more than $ 5 million.

Naval Today Staff, July 17, 2014; Image: Colombian Navy
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