HMS Ocean Loads Her Ammunition

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HMS Ocean Loads Her Ammunition

Having recently returned from a multi million pound refit – HMS Ocean has now finished taking onboard her ammunition and is ready for service as the nation’s on call helicopter carrier.


This is just the next step in her regeneration after she welcomed her first helicopters last week.

Prior to that she carried out manoeuvres to test her propulsion plant, auxiliary machinery and steering to ensure the Mighty O is able to achieve speeds in excess of 20 knots.

Embarking her ammunition now gives her the teeth to protect herself as she deploys anywhere around the world to support contingency operations.

She also carries ammunition for her Royal Marines and helicopters who protect the nation’s interests by providing security at sea.

In charge of ensuring the ammunition loading went ahead as planned was Lieutenant Mark Jones, who said: “There is a real sense that HMS Ocean is coming back to life and, having embarked our ammunition, is a major step closer to resuming her place as the high readiness landing platform.”

HMS Ocean returns to sea to continue with the next step of her regeneration, testing to the full her sensors and weapon systems.

On Tuesday, 21 June the Plymouth based ship will take over from HMS Illustrious which is being decommissioned later in the year.

Press Release, July 22, 2014; Image: UK Navy
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