TORM Lotte Tanker Saves Up to 300 Refugees

TORM Lotte Tanker Saves Up to 300 Lives

TORM Lotte, a product tanker owned by Danish shipowner TORM A/S, has assisted Italian and Maltese authorities in a rescue operation to save a large group of boat refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.


TORM Lotte, sailing under DIS flag, was bound for LA SKHIRA when the vessel on 18 July received an urgent distress call from the Italian coast guard requesting assistance to a ship carrying refugees.

After receiving the call, the vessel proceeded immediately for the rescue operation to render assistance for protection of human life acting in line with international maritime agreements and conventions.

When TORM Lotte gained visual contact with the refugee ship it proceeded closer to observe the situation. TORM Lotte soon launched its Man Overboard Boat (MOB) in order to rescue the refugees who jumped into the water. During the rescue operation, TORM Lotte rescued up to 300 refugees. TORM Lotte received assistance from the Italian coast guard and the Maltese Navy during the operation.

Maltese authorities are currently working on providing food, water and blankets for the rescued individuals while Italian authorities are working to secure safe disembarkation of the refugees.


Press Release, July 22, 2014; Image: Shipspotting