HMAS Toowoomba Sails for Operation MANITOU

HMAS Toowoomba Sails for Operation MANITOU

HMAS Toowoomba deployed as part of Operation MANITOU in the Middle East Region to support maritime security including counter-piracy and counter-narcotics operations.


Commanding Officer Commander Catherine Hayes, who will be the first female to lead an Australian ship to the region, said the past months of intensive training had prepared the sailors and officers for the task.

“The crew has really demonstrated their professional competence during an intensive mission readiness evaluation period. The team is focused and looking forward to the mission ahead,” Commander Hayes said.

Toowoomba has had a busy start to the year which included support to Operations RESOLUTE and SOUTHERN INDIAN OCEAN, in addition to training for their current mission.

“We have spent 15 weeks at sea this year and we will spend the next five months away in support of Operation MANITOU,” Commander Hayes said.

Toowoomba last deployed to the Middle East in 2013 and will be relieving HMAS Darwin.

Press Release, August 05, 2014; Image: Australian Navy