Italian Navy Rescues Migrants from North Africa

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Italian Navy Rescues Migrants from North Africa

During the last week end naval air units of the Italian Navy were busy rescuing migrants on boats arriving from North African coasts.


Between Friday and Sunday, over 2,500 have been rescued as part of the country’s Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) operation with several units, including frigates Aliseo and Fasan corvette Sfinge, and amphibious vessel San Giusto.

Frigate Fasan is ferrying to Taranto port 1,311 migrants that were rescued between Friday and Saturday in the Sicily Straits south of Lampedusa.

On board amphibious vessel San Giusto there are 1,189 migrants rescued by Italian Navy, and Coast Guard ships Dattilo, Peluso, plus other small patrol boats and cargoe ships.

Only last night was the latest operation carried out by frigate Aliseo: 227 migrants, including 40 women and 95 children, which will be transferred to ITS San Giusto. The amphibious vessel is due to dock today in Salerno to disembark all the migrants onboard.

Press Release, August 05, 2014; Image: Italian Navy

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